Here at E.M.B. Martial Arts. We believe that all Martial Arts systems have good things to offer. We believe that traditional styles have their strong points and their week points depending on which system you study. We like the strong points offered and are not too crazy about their week points. That's why we are Eclectic. We take the strong from various Traditional Systems and disregard the weak. It doesn't make sense to us to have strong Korean Feet yet settle for Korean Hands when Boxing Hands are superior? Or to limit ourselves to the rules of boxing when we can choose to combine the use of elbows, fingers or any number of Soft style hand techniques, that can easily be rolled off of a solid Boxing Foundation? The Mixed Martial Arts Era has taught us a lot of new lessons. One important lesson is that the Basics win the fights. Whether it's Boxing, Karate, Grappling or whatever. It's usually a basic technique that ends the fight. Therefore, we believe that if you Master the Basics you will be a solid fighter! In a nutshell that's exactly what we are. "The Basics Mastered" We can't promise that training with us will turn you into a world class fighter, but we can promise that you will be a better fighter than you were before you came to us! Also, we are not going to kill you financially. You will find that there is no better deal in town. So, come join us and our Family of Martial Artists!

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